Carbureted & EFI For Increasing Performance

High-Performance EFI Auto Repair in Barrie

The expert mechanics at Barrie Frame and Alignment know switching to fuel injection often improves the fuel efficiency and performance of older carbureted engines. In newer cars, replacing a single fuel injector with a multi-port fuel injector creates an intense, even flow of fuel on each cylinder when your engine needs it most. Feed your engine the fuel it needs with fuel pumps, fuel filters, superchargers, and turbochargers. Break out of gasoline only feed engines by adding a nitrous kit or cooling methanol injection kit.

To ensure the correct air to fuel ratio, Barrie Frame and Alignment can add a new stock-height replacement intake manifold, cold air intake, and fuel rails. Never run rich or lean with a hood scoop, high-performance air filter, and new O2 sensor. Call Barrie Frame and Alignment and talk to us about increasing your car's performance. When you want performance you need the auto repair experts at Barrie Frame and Alignment located at 389 Tiffin St.

If you're ready to take your car or truck's fuel injection to the next level, Barrie Frame and Alignment is ready with injectors, manifolds, fuel rails, sensors, and complete performance EFI conversion kits. From BMW to Audi to Corvette, Barrie Frame and Alignment has you covered.

Tuning Old School Carburetors For True Muscle

Your muscle car may be starving for air! Bring it to Barrie Frame and Alignment and find out. Because of operating losses in the intake runner and cylinder with newer unleaded fuels that do not fully vaporize in the combustion chamber, cars tuned to the manufacturer's specifications can run lean. Barrie Frame and Alignment can diagnose if you are actually running leaner than the manufacturer suggested ratio of 14.7:1 air to fuel mixture. Bring your classic car to Barrie Frame and Alignment at 389 Tiffin St to tune the perfect air to fuel mixture and correct ignition spark for maximum power.